... Stinging nettles, ground elder and many other plants that grow in the wild are packed full of vitamins and minerals - and they taste good too!

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Welcome to the Kiss the Frog Centres and Find the Tadpole Stations in the South Fyn Archipelago


Kys Frøen (Kiss the Frog) and Find Haletudsen (Find the Tadpole) are the names of experience centres and stations in the South Fyn Archipelago. They make no guarantees about finding your prince here, but they do present a variety of gems – and may even teach you some countryside magic!


Kiss the Frog and Find the Tadpole are new concepts for family attractions in Denmark. The intention is to give families with children access to entertaining and educational experiences in the countryside. Four Kiss the Frog centres and six Find the Tadpole stations invite you to play and learn:

Kiss the Frog Centres: 


Find the Tadpole Stations:


Find out more about Find the Tadpole.


Here’s where you’ll find Cuddle a Crab:


At Kiss the Frog centres and Find the Tadpole stations, you and your family can take your time to read information about the local culture and history, and choose from a variety of options for things to see and do in the countryside. Kiss the Frog exhibitions present around 10–12 different activities to choose between, while the Find the Tadpole stations typically have 1–4 activities to try.


You can borrow all the equipment you need – a GPS unit for the treasure hunt, an audio recorder for the bird calls, a net for exploring the ponds, plaster to make casts, and much more besides – and pick up a printed set of instructions that clearly explain the activity in question.


There are baskets and even a pull cart for you to use on your expedition in the kingdom of the plants and animals, and once you return to the centre you can use a computer and magnifying glass to learn even more about what you found and collected.


Have fun in Mother Nature’s realm!












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