... Stinging nettles, ground elder and many other plants that grow in the wild are packed full of vitamins and minerals - and they taste good too!

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Kiss the Frog at Søbygaard

At Søbygaard you can choose between following activities:

  • Treats from the wayside
    Make wild meatballs from weeds
  • Capture birdsong 
    Record birdsongs and find the owners on the computer
  • White witchcraft – security and well-being
    Can wild plants protect you from the evil? 
  • Pick up the trail 
    Wild animals often leave their tracks and trails in nature
  • Treasures from the past 
    On sightseeing with GPS into the past of Denmark
  • Creepy-crawlies in the scrub
    What do the beetles write under the bark?
  • The crazy creatures of the pond 
    Explore a unique and different universe
  • Energy from wind, water and sun
    Make your own energy
  • Games for all ages
    Games from the age of noblemen – the Renaissance
  • Whittling Workshop
    Practice craftwork with your personal touch
  • From grain to bread
    Test your grain-milling skills and bake pancakes

Opening hours

18 March - 26 June every day 10.00-16.00

27 June - 12 August every day 10.00-17.00

13 August - 23 October every day 10.00 - 16.00


Admission fee 

(does also include admission to the other exhibitions of Søbygaard)

Adults - DKK 60,00
Children under 18 years of age - DKK 25,00



Søbygaardsvej 2
5985 Søby Ærø
Tel. +45 6252 2950
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