... Stinging nettles, ground elder and many other plants that grow in the wild are packed full of vitamins and minerals - and they taste good too!

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About Kiss the Frog & Find the Tadpole


Both local residents and tourists in all parts of Denmark are keen to take part in active experiences based on the inherent potential of the local area. The South Fyn Archipelago is home to a wide range of extraordinary, well-documented properties and features in the fields of nature, culture and history.


The intention behind the Kys Frøen and Find Haletudsen initiatives is to create contemporary attractions for families with children – attractions that bring the local natural and cultural heritage to life and generate memorable and authentic experiences. The concept is focused on activities that stimulate physical involvement, invite both children and adults to learn through play, and encourage exploration and shared experiences for all the family, with nature providing the setting.


The Kys Frøen centres and Find Haletudsen stations function as unstaffed stations that allow families the freedom to come and go as they wish, and to take part in the activities as and when it suits them. The activities have been set up to give families the opportunity to spend quality time together in an educational manner that captivates children and adults alike.


In addition, the charge for using the concept has been kept low to allow all families to take part. Experience to date indicates that the concept is a valuable tool in relation to generating special shared experiences for all the family, while simultaneously equipping all participants to enjoy active encounters with nature. Briefly put, the concept brings more people out into the countryside to experience it ‘up close and personal’.


The idea and concept behind Kys Frøen and Find Haletudsen have been developed through a collaborative venture involving Skovsgaard Estate, Trente Mill, Ærø Museum and Naturturisme I/S.

The concept, including setting up this website, is supported by funding from:













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